For more information about the Lab, please contact program coordinator Moira Scheeler.

Joining our team: We welcome applications from potential graduate students and postdocs with strong computational skills who want to join our group’s eclectic mix of geoscientists, climate modelers, statisticians, and policy scholars. Potential graduate students can apply through a variety of Rutgers programs, including Atmospheric Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Oceanography, Statistics, and Planning and Public Policy. Almost all students in our group participate in the Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience certificate program.

If you are considering applying to a Rutgers graduate program, please reach out to graduate program director of the program(s) you are considering. Please be aware of the different program deadlines, which typically range from December 15 to January 15, and see the School of Graduate Studies for more information. In general, we advise all potential graduate students to (1) identify which program(s) best align with their coursework interests and career objectives and (2) contact multiple faculty affiliated with that program. Work in the Earth System Science & Policy Lab is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary; essentially no students work exclusively within the Lab, and having a team of mentors is typically key to success.

If you would like to meet with Prof. Kopp to discuss a potential student or postdoc placement, please send your CV along with your request to Moira Scheeler.

Sea-level rise projections: If you are looking for sea level rise projections, we encourage you to start with the NASA projection visualization tools for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Sixth Assessment Report and the US Interagency Sea Level Rise Task Force. Please see the Guide to the IPCC AR6 Sea Level Projections if you wish to access more detailed IPCC sea-level projection data sets.