Active Projects

  • FACTS: The next-generation Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea level

  • CESL-STEHM-GP: MATLAB code for Spatio-Temporal Empirical Hierarchical Modeling of sea-level data with Gaussian Processes; used in Kopp et al. (2016)

Past Projects

  • LocalizeSL: MATLAB routines to localize the sea-level rise projections of Kopp et al. (2014) and ProjectSL

  • ProjectSL: MATLAB routines to project global and local sea level, originally developed for Kopp et al. (2014)

  • matDICE: MATLAB implementation of flexible DICE-like simple integrated assessment model, as used in Kopp et al. (2012)

  • SeaLGaP: Sea Level Gaussian Process analysis of Kopp et al. (2009)

  • WetBulb.m: MATLAB function to calculate wet-bulb temperatures from temperature, pressure, and humidity; ported from HumanIndexMod (Buzan et al., 2015)